Revenue Extraction Gateway

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The Revenue Extraction Gateway enables you to maximise revenue earning potential from your networks. RXG is a multi purpose router that delivers WIFI without compromise. With key features that can turn the smallest or even largest networks into a policy driven nirvana, rxg is the only gateway that can be purposed for the benefit of you and your customer.

About HTI

Hotel Technology International (HTI) is a leading supplier of hotel guestroom telephones to the hotel and hospitality industry. HTI provides hotel groups and re-seller partners with cutting-edge technology including analogue and IP phones; connectivity panels, clock radios and in-room control switches. The Revenue Extraction Gateway gives you the ability to exert total control over the end-user population of a revenue generating network without any modifications to client devices.

Premium Features and Specifications

Data congestion management and tiering
Usage caps, bill shock prevention, in network roaming
Fair use and multi-service quota management
3G mobile data offload (mobile core protection)
Interactive user quality of experience and loyalty building
Location and Identity-based air force, ads, and content
Advanced services development

RXG Enables

Control - The ability to exert total control over the end user population of a revenue generating network without any modifications to client devices

Communication - Supports a broad spectrum of billing options as well as metred content on demand - inject static or dynamic advertising onto every web page

Cognisance - Track activity to automatically direct advertising campaigns based on usage profiling. Understand which websites are frequented and comply with regulatory requirements.



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