V2301AMW (1S) SP

Vivo Zeppa Micro Cordless Guest Room Telephone


The Vivo Zeppa Micro hotel telephone is a DECT Cordless analogue hotel guest room  phone designed to address the needs of premium hotels who want to give their guests a first class technology experience in a modern, small footprint, stylish phone. The Vivo Zeppa Micro hotel telephone combines  standard hospitality telephone features, including up to 5 programmable guest service keys, with enhanced digital cordless technology and contemporary timeless design.  This Cordless DECT Analogue hotel phone provides an additional handset for the Vivo Zeppa master unit, single line, 5 GSK, Hold, Flash, Redial, Speaker

Premium Features and Specifications

Cordless Analogue Speakerphone compatible 
with all major PBX/PABX telephones
Single line
Crystal clear interference-free Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications 
(DECT) Technology
1.8/1.9 (DECT 6.0) Operating Frequency

Appearance and Fittings

Matte Finish
0-5 Programmable Guest Service Keys
Message Waiting Light Neon/LED Indicator (MWL)
Faceplate for customisation, guest key icons, logo / branding Adjustable Speaker and Handset Volume with Mute
Adjustable Ringer Volume
Hold, Redial, and Flash keys

Call Features

Call Hold
Call Flash
Call Waiting Indication
Call Mute
Last Number Redial
Do not Disturb (DND)

PBX Compatibility

Asterisk/Broadsoft/Alcatel/ NEC/ Avaya basic call features