V8000AW (1S) SP

Vivo Select 8000 Analogue DECT Cordless Telephone


The Vivo Select 8000 Cordless DECT hotel telephone from Hotel Technology International is an analogue phone that combines modern styling with a high quality cordless phone.  The Vivo Select 8000 Cordless DECT telephone gives guests the freedom to move as they wish around the hotel guestroom whilst making those all important calls. Designed to addresses the needs of design conscious hotels, the phone comes in a simple matte finish.  The Vivo Select 8000 Cordless DECT hotel guestroom telephone has a rugged plastic stand and is a high specification cordless phone that retains the key hospitality  features. This is a Cordless DECT Analogue hotel guestroom phone with speaker, single line, 10 GSK, Hold, Redial, Flash, MWI, adjustable volume.

Premium Features and Specifications

Analogue Speakerphone compatible with all major 
PBX/PABX telephone systems 
Single or dual line cordless DECT telephone
10 one touch memory keys
Speaker phone facility
Call hold
Call flash
Call waiting indication
Last number redial

DECT information (to be specified at time of order placement)
Euro DECT 1.8 Ghz
US DECT 1.9 Ghz

Appearance and Fittings

Rugged plastic stand
High quality plastic casing: single colour: black only
Standard paper faceplates with overlay
Hi-grade screen-printed polycarbonate faceplates (optional)