V8000A (1S) SP

Vivo Select 8000 Analogue Hotel Guest Room Phone


The Vivo Select analogue hotel guest room telephone from Hotel Technology International offers modern styling in an  economical format and represents superb value for money. The Vivo Select hotel telephone is designed to address the needs of more design conscious hotels, the phone comes in a simple black matte finish.  It has a rugged plastic stand and is a high quality economical phone that retains the key hospitality phone features.  This analogue guestroom phone features; speaker, single line, 10 GSK, Hold, Redial, Flash, MWI, adjustable volume.

Premium Features and Specifications

Analogue speakerphone compatible with all major 
PBX/PABX telephone systems 
1 line speakerphone models 
0-10 programmable guest service keys 
Message waiting light Neon/LED indicator (MWL)
Faceplate customisation available; guest key icons, 
Adjustable speaker and handset volume with mute
Hold, mute, redial and speaker phone 
Appearance and Fittings

Rugged plastic stand
High quality plastic casing: single colour: black only
Standard paper faceplates with overlay
High-grade screen-printed polycarbonate faceplates (option)