Vivo 658 Analogue Bathroom/ Lobby Hotel Phone

The Vivo 658 analogue bathroom/lobby hotel telephone from Hotel Technology International  is an analogue hotel bathroom telephone that brings modern styling in a wall mountable format.  Available in matte black or ivory the Vivo 658 hotel bathroom phone comes with the option of one guest service key and both one and two line models are available. The Vivo 658 hotel bathroom phone is a small footprint telephone suitable for the hotel guestroom, bathroom or lobby.  It is a smart choice for hotels requiring a neat solution for keeping hotel guests connected. This single line analogue trimline bathroom telephone offers 1 guest service key, mute, flash and redial.

Premium Features and Specifications

One line analogue telephone
Magnetic Hook Switch
Wall mountable
1 Guest Service Key
Bi-colour LED for MWI
Incoming call alert
Available in Black or Ivory

Call Features

Call Hold
Call Mute