The Homtime C1 hotel clock  from Hotel Technology International provides guests with a digital  alarm clock that has dual USB charging for the iphone or for android smartphones in a compact bedside design that comes recommended for ease of use.  The Homtime C1 hotel clock  has an LCD large font display with 4 brightness levels that guests can easily adjust by tapping the big button, and the display panel can be set to show both time, room temperature and alarm waking time.

Compatibility and Specifications

Compatible with Ipad or mobile phone 
AC Power Adaptor
AC 110-24oV, DC 5V 3A
Size: 108 x 88 x 67mm
Charging port: Double USB
Output power: 2W


3.2 inch, 3 level dimmable LCD large font display
Double USB port for portable device charging
Easy set-up alarm clock
Adjustable alarm volume
Snooze function
Thermometer function
Built in Line-In Aux