Harmony HD Wireless Hotel Media Panel


The Harmony HD wireless Media Panel  from Hotel Technology International is the most advanced and powerful portable device to TV connectivity panel on the market today. It comes with wireless display feature, providing your guests with a channel to stream online video or local media contents like music, picture and video on their portable electronic devices to in-room HDTV. The built-in AP can be used to offer WIFI coverage in the whole guestroom.

Features and Specifications

Supports wireless display technology, compatible with Android/IOS systems
No need for additional APP installation
Provides WIFI with simple remote-manageability
Higher bandwidth for more reliable signal reception and backward compatible with 802.11b/g/n.
Truly plug & play: auto-senses guest devices; auto-switches TV to HDMI input and switches TV to the original mode when device is disconnected
Supports CEC
Single HDMI cable makes the hotel installation much easier, more convenient and more cost-effective
Play and charge portable electronic devices through USB port, including IPad/Iphone/Ipod
Supports full HD video resolution up to 1080P

Available Colours/ Finishes

State-of-the-art design with a Brushed Metal finish.
Touch sensitive indicator for a contemporary look.
Can be embedded in wall or furniture
OEM/ODM service is available