TE3000A (1S) SP

Cotell TE3000 Analogue Hotel Phone


The Cotell TE3000 analogue hotel guestroom phone is the ideal solution for smart hoteliers. This phone has a small footprint and yet comes with all the modern functions guests needs, such as volume control, mute, hold, flash and redial buttons and it even comes with optional USB charging, (see datasheet).

The Cotell TE3000 analogue hotel guestroom phone combines long established hospitality phone features with modern and sophisticated design. Built to endure and withstand years of daily use without losing it's pristine looks, the  Cotell TE 3000 analogue hotel phone is a smart investment reliably ensuring you and your guests stay connected. This analogue hotel guestroom phone features 0-10 guest service keys, handset volume control, ringer volume control, mute, hold, flash & redial buttons, hands-free speakerphone.

Premium Features and Specifications*

Single Line
0-10 Guest Service Keys
Handset volume control
Ringer volume control
Mute, Hold, Flash & Redial buttons
Hands-free Speakerphone
Auto configurable message light indicator
Full length faceplate
Desktop or Wall Mounted
Small footprint

*Optional USB

Appearance and Fittings

Durable Base Stand
Premium Matte Acrylic Finish: Black, Silver


Temperature: 40 deg C ± 10 deg C
Humidity: 95% RH max, no dew forming
Weight: 0.8kg
Dimensions: 23.6cm x 16.5cm x 9.5cm

Certifications and Manufacturing

CE, FCC, CCC Approved Product
RoHS Certified FCC: Complied with Parts 15 and 68
of FCC Rules
ISO9001 Quality Assured Manufacturing
“Forever” Lifetime Warranty (Analogue)
3 Year Warranty (IP)