Whilst the guest room telephone is essential to ensure your guests can quickly connect to your in-room services, it is quite clear that guests will also be carrying their own mobile phones, laptops and other portable devices.  Some reports state that on average, travellers carry with them 3 portable devices to their hotel rooms.

So it makes business sense for the hospitality industry to offer the convenience of guest room charging.  At Hotel Technology International we like to think that we are at the forefront of embracing trends that enhance the guest room stay. Our range of USB charging telephones, wifi and wireless charging clocks and radios transform the usual hotel telephone or hotel clock radio into an additional facility your hotel guests will love

When ordering hotel phones, it is important to bear in mind the needs of your hotel guests. Certain features can make it easier for your guests to make the most from their stay and also help you, as a hotel to promote guest service revenues.

Smart hotels order phones that offer

  • Stylish design, in keeping with the hotel room the phone is in
  • Ease of use for the end user
  • Programmable guest-service keys; branding can help your guest make the most from your facilities
  • Built in functionality such as USB smart charging ports for guest devices
  • Cordless handsets and speaker phones which give guests more freedom to move about their rooms
  • One touch voice mail retrieval

HTI offers hotel phones that have been specially developed with the guest needs in mind. Our branded hotel phones are stylish, offer state of the art functionality to improve the guest experience and are competitively priced.